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At the Office

Our reputation rests on the performance of our exceptional people.


At Project Cost Solutions, we go beyond mere competence; we ignite commitment. As the premier choice for independent construction cost estimating and scheduling, our team's profound industry knowledge and unwavering dedication to transparency set us apart. Recognizing that construction cost estimating is an art as much as a science, our dynamic approach ensures insightful, well-informed estimates and schedules that form a robust foundation for your project.

From inception, we stand as your trusted advisor, offering guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of construction cost management. Opt for Project Cost Solutions and experience the assurance of having a committed ally by your side throughout your project's journey."


At Project Cost Solutions, we don't just hire competence; we inspire commitment

At Project Cost Solutions, our culture is rooted in a profound sense of purpose: to enhance construction cost and schedule certainty through our unwavering commitment to excellence. We foster an environment where innovation, collaboration, and dedication flourish. Our team is not just a collection of professionals; we are a community of visionaries who share a common goal.


“In every cost estimate and schedule, there's an opportunity to build trust and bring dreams to life." --- Leanda Thomas Founder & Chairman

We encourage creativity and forward thinking, embracing the dynamic nature of construction cost estimation and scheduling. Our culture thrives on continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry trends and technology. Together, we strive to bring transparency and reliability to the world of construction, enriching the construction landscape with our collective passion for excellence.


Our purpose is to improve construction cost certainty through what we do


of mega projects around the globe behind schedule.


of global projects over-budget or delayed.


of mega projects suffer cost overruns.


of building owners report a high level of distrust.

Improving cost certainty is what we do



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