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Construction work planning


We advise on projects where amazing things happen.

Project Cost Solutions is an experienced provider of construction cost estimating, scheduling, and capital advisory services

We empower our clients to achieve successful outcomes with a focus on cost analysis, efficient scheduling, and expert advisory.

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Cost Analysis

Our "should cost" analysis provides detailed insights into project expenses, helping you identify potential cost overruns, uncover hidden savings, and make informed budgetary decisions. Our truthful cost estimations and data-driven approach minimize financial risks and optimize expenses.

How we can help

Construction Scheduling with Critical Path Method

We specialize in efficient construction scheduling using the CPM. Our detailed construction schedules, critical path analysis, resource allocation, and schedule monitoring ensure precise project execution, risk mitigation, and resource optimization.

Project Controls Staff Augmentation

On a limited and selective basis, we offer temporary staffing solutions for project control needs. Our highly skilled professionals provide flexible staffing options, targeted expertise, and value-added services to support your project requirements.

Construction Cost Capital Advisory

Our services empower informed decisions for project budgeting and cost control. We analyze project costs, identify cost-saving opportunities, implement cost-control measures, and provide guidance and support based on industry best practices.


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