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Castleberry Inn’s Hotels Conversion into Clarion Inn and Suites Hotel

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Hotel and lodging

Atlanta, GA

The project involved a complete replacement of all flooring, plumbing, and furnishings and to all guest rooms and suites. Replacing floors and ceilings in all corridors and hallways. Painting and tiling to all walls. Replacement of some doors. Replacement of all guest room AC wall systems and door hardware. Upgrading of all low voltage systems and replacement of all light fixtures.

The project involved a complete replacement of all flooring, plumbing, air conditioner wall systems, door hardware (including some doors) and furnishings in all guest rooms and suites. Floor and ceiling replacements in all corridors and hallways, plus painting and tiling to all walls also occurred. There also were upgrades to all low-voltage systems and replacements of all light fixtures.

On the outside some minor reworking of the western side of the property to accommodate improved handicap access capability and a new grease trap. The site work scope includes resurfacing and remarking of the entire asphalt paved area along with repairs and replacement to all sidewalks. Upgrades and improvements to all existing landscaping are also included.

Client/Designer: David Butler & Associates Inc.

Owner: Castleberry Inn Development LLC

Project Purpose: Interior and exterior renovations and refreshing of an existing 20-year-old, four-story hotel, located within one mile of the new $2.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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