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Concourse G Apron Earth Fill vs Elevated Structural Slab

Program Value:
Fill option, $202M
Slab option, $305M

Service Provided:
Program analysis cost estimating


Atlanta, GA

Fill Option

This option covers the 1,030,000-square-foot area with 2.34 million cubic yards of compactable imported fill from pits within a 10-mile radius of the airport. The fill is contained on two sides by an existing mechanically stabilized earth wall and on one side by a 40-foot, 85,000-SF MSE wall. The fourth side is met at-grade next to the connecting taxiway. Also included are utilities to support the fill and required drainage. The graded and compacted fill and drainage layer support a 24-foot 125,000-square-yard structural apron and wearing surface.

Slab Option

This option covers the 1,030,000-SF area with a 40-foot high concrete structure on a 100-foot x 35-foot structural grid of 4-foot x 7-foot columns on 72- and 84-inch diameter caisson piles and 6-foot, deep-pile caps. The elevated slab is supported by: 146,000 LF of 7-foot precast, concrete bulb T-girder beams; 13,000 LF of CIP beams; and 11,000 LF of CIP diaphragms. The finished slab is a 64,000-cubic-foot, 18-foot

concrete apron-wearing surface. The space under the elevated structure is covered with a drainage gravel layer. Utilities necessary to support the cavity also are included.

Client/Designer: Ricondo

Owner: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – City of Atlanta

Project Purpose: Provide a project analysis and comparison documents for the new Concourse G apron parking area solution, comparing imported fill materials versus erecting an elevated structural slab to establish the required apron finish grades

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