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Plane Train Tunnel West Extension Phase 1 and Terminal Modification

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Atlanta, GA

This project’s scope includes both landside and airside activities. Construction tasks include deep-shaft and tunnel excavation in dense and weathered rock. The two shafts measure 55 and 65 feet deep and 34 to 36 feet in diameter. The total combined tunnel length is 975 feet to approximately 24 feet in diameter. The terminal modifications take place between the AGST and boarding levels at the existing western termination point of the plane train tunnel. Modifications include the removal and replacement of five temporary and permanent elevators and four new escalators, along with the removal of all existing elevators and escalators. Additionally, there is the repurposing of the existing employee security entrance space, located on the mezzanine level.

Client/Designer: Ricondo

Owner: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – City of Atlanta

Project Purpose: Extend the existing system beyond the baggage claim station to create a turn-back tunnel, providing the space needed to allow the people movers more time to complete the end-of-line turnaround

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