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Runway 9L End-Around Taxiway

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Atlanta, GA

Runway 9L-27R has about 750 daily crossings from arrivals and needs an end-around taxiway.The U-shaped end-around is approximately 5,600 feet long, extending into the current park-and-ride parking which is nearly 25 feet below the existing runway. To raise the elevation to proper levels, 84,000 cubic yards of imported materials are required. The paved area is about 95,000 square yards of runway and shoulder paving. Additional scope includes a 2,700-linear-foot blast wall, a 2,600-square-foot retaining wall and a 3,000-LF extension of the SIDA perimeter fence. Landscaping is primarily the seeding and reseeding of 53 acres of disturbed surface area. All utilities are relocated and extended as necessary, including taxiway lighting and relocation of structures and navigational aids.

Client/Designer: Ricondo and Associates

Owner: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – City of Atlanta

Project Purpose: Reduce runway crossings via an end-around taxiway beyond the Runway 9L end to enhance safety and increase departure capacity at Runway 9L-27R.

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