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Sullivan Road Park-and-Ride

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Atlanta, GA

The project’s scope includes, but is not limited to, site clearing and grubbing, site utilities, earthwork, asphalt and PCCP paving, pavement markings, special systems, permit-required confined spaces, closed-circuit television and covered parking. The project construction scope involves clearing any existing vegetation and regrading the site to accommodate parking for 1,500 vehicles, including 20 accessible parking spaces. Surface drainage is provided using drop inlets and manholes as collection points and 15- to 24-foot reinforced concrete pipe. In addition, bioswales surround about 70 percent of the site to collect and redirect runoff to two detention ponds. Outlet control structures manage high-water levels within the detention ponds. Bioswales are finished with seeding and landscape vegetation. The parking surface is asphalt on a standard gravel base. Pavement markings and required signage also are included. Control systems are housed in a 2,000-square-foot office and gatehouse structure. The project also includes an option to provide covered structures to all spaces.

Client/Designer: Ricondo

Owner: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – City of Atlanta

Project Purpose: Provide a facility to recapture about 1,500 revenue-producing standard-, large- and oversized-vehicle parking spaces, plus anticipated lost revenue from eliminated parking spaces due to projects for the airport hotel, north and south parking decks and the end-around taxiway.

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